Songs from the Heart VOL 1               20 Tracks

1. Star of the Co.Down           11. Nora Lee

2. Mountian of Morne            12. My Old Man

3. My Lagan Softly Flowing    13. Galway Bay

4. Reason I Left Mullingar     14. Green Fields of France

5. Spinning Wheel                  15.The Working Man

6. I Know my Love                  16.Danny Boy

                                   7. Curragh of Kildare             17. Still I love him

                                   8. Belfast Mill                          18. Castle of Dromore

                                   9. If I Were a Blackbrid           20. Shanagolden




Songs from the Herart VOL 2                20 TRACKS

1.Bright Blue Rose             11.Sonny

2.City of Chicago               12.No Frontiers

3.Ride On                           13.Raggle Taggle Gypsy

4.Raglan Road                   14.Deportees

5.Past the Point of Resue 15.Go Move Shift

6.A Song For Ireland        16.The Voyage        

                                   7.From Clare to Here        17. Black is the Colour

                                   8.The Emigrant Eyes        18.Caledonia        

                                   9.Mcllihattan                     19.The Water is Wide

                                  10.A Womens Heart          20.Wall of Jericho



Just for You                                       12 TRACKS

1a I Want to Dance With You           8.  Mountian Dew

1b Dirty Old Town                            9.  Without You

2. All the Lies That You told me       10. Unicorn

3. Touble in The Fields                    11. Wall of Tears

4. Wind Beneath My Wings             12a Save The Last Dance for Me

5a Jambayla                                    12b  That'll Be The Day

                                   5(b). Country Roads                       13.  Nothing to Show

                                   6. I Will Always Love You               14. Flesh and Blood

                              7 a When Irish Eyes are Smiling       15 a Speed of the Sound of loneinless

                             7b 40 Shades Of Green                      15 b   9 to 5    




Come into the Palour                               14 TRACKS

1 a  If Your're Irish               6 Town I Love So Well

   b  She'll Be comong          7 a Golden Jubilee    

       Round The Mountian       b Oul Maid In The Garret

   c It's A Long Way to             c Hills Of Conemara

   c It's A Long Way To          8 Bog Down In The Vally Oh

       Tipperary                        9 Cliffs Of Doneen

                               d Mc Namara's Band        10 The Whistlin Gypsy Rover

2  a The Boys From The                                 11 Place In The Choir

        Co. Armagh                                             12 Carrickfergus   

   b  The Mountains Of Mourne                      13 a The Irish rover 

   c  The Green Glens Of Antrim                           b Here We Go/Ola Ola      

   d  Whiskey In The Jar                                  14 a The Wild Rover

3 The Fields of Athenry                                        b I'll Tell Me Ma                        

4 Finnegan's Wake                                               c Poor Oul Diceuy Reily              

        5 Rocky Road To Dublin                                       d Drunken Sailor       



The Best of Ireland                           14 TRACKS

1 Ballads  of St.Anns Reel   7 Anicky Gordon

2 Mary From Dunloe            9 Spancil Hill

3 Rose of Allandale            10 Come Bye The Hills

4 Lord Of The Dance          11 Red Is the Rose

5 Greenwaves                    12 Mollyo

6 Butterfly                           13 Easy And Slow

                                   7 Fiddlers Green                14 Rambles Of Spring



Unplugged                                    10 TRACKS

1 Harry Mac                          6 Phill the Fluter

2 Paddy's Green                    7 The old Rugged

  Shamrock Shore                                   Cross

3 Farwell to Carlingford          8 There were Roses

4 Loughshelan Side                9 The Hummer is on me Now

5 A mother loves a blessing   10 The old Rugget Cross




The Water is Wide                            10 Tracks

1 The Water is Wide    2 I Know My Love

3 Molly Malone            4 Nora Lee

5 If I Was A Blackbird  6 Go Move Shift

7 Castle Of Dromore   8 Still I Love Him

9 The Old House         10 Shanagolden





The Winds of Change                          12 Tracks

 1 Belfast                      7 City Of Chicago

 2 The Reason I Left    8 You Raise Me Up


 3 Eagles Wings           9 Deportees

 4 Belfast Mill              10 Clare To Here

 5 My Old Man             11 Going Home

                                    6 Seeds Of Love        12 Walls Of Jericho




The Emerald Collection                      16 Tracks

1 A Women's Heart                                       9 The Voyage

2 Working Man                                             10 The Flight of Earls

3 Sonny                                                         11 Micheal

4 Rescue Me                                                 12 The Night Ferry

5 Danny Boy                                                  13 Four Green Fields

6 A nnie                                                         14 An Innocent Child

                                   7 Where the Little S hamrock Grows          15 My Last Farewell

                                   8 Rosin                                                          16 The Morning Lies Heavy



Ireland My Homeland                       10 Tracks

1 Banks of the Roses             6 My Lagan Love

2 Emigrant Eyes                      7 Mountians of Mourne

3 Isle of Innisfree                   8 Galway Bay

4 Bright Blue Rose                 9 Curragh of Kildare

5 My Lagan Softly Flowing   10 Caladoina





Precious Moments                              10 Tracks

1 Turned it Out                            6 Fools Kisses

2 An I nnocest Child                   7 Ill Love You Till the End

3 Who Will Love My Childern    8 Take a Chance on Me

4 Call Home                                 9 Simple is The Man

5 Dreaming                                10 The Alleylight





A Few Favourities                                    14 Tracks

1 Star of the Co.Down             8 She Moved Through the Fair

2 Sally Gardens                        9 McIlhattan

3 A Song for Irelan                 10 What Colour is the Wind Daddy

4 Past the Point of Rescue    11 Ride On

5 Spinning Wheel                    12 Raglan Road 

6 Black is the Colour              13 Raggle Taggle Gipsy

                                   7 Green Fields of France       14 No Frontiers           


NEW CD                                              12 Tracks

1 Feet of a dancer            7Reels The Maid of Mount Kisco

2 Dublin in my tears          The Goldin Stud /The Star of Munster

3 Nancy Mulligan             8 Grace       

  (The McArther Reel).     9 Zombie

4 Steal away.                    10 First Leaves of Autumn                     

5 Johnny  Brown /.           11 N17      

                                           Sally Gardens  (reel)        12 Lament for Limerick (Slow air)  

                                          6 Travellin Soldier                   The Harvest Home (Hornpipe)              





Hymns                                               8 Tracks

1 I Watch the Sunrise    5 As I Kneel Before You

2 Be Not Afraid               6 You Raise Me Up

3 Take Our Bread           7 Lady of Knock

4 Take My Hand              8 Going Home